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Launched in May of 2009, Destination Brevard was created to promote things to do along Florida’s Space Coast from one end to the other as well as give locally owned businesses a place to be spotlighted without the fear of paying what is typically out of reach for most of them.

On these pages you will find more local events than you ever thought could possibly take place but then you realize that considering Brevard County stretches more than 70 miles from north to south and of course there must be plenty to do. You just needed a place to find the information.

We do our best through our event calendar, social media and email blasts to let you know what is going on in time for you plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on all that there is to do. We LOVE locally owned businesses! That’s our focus when it comes to spotlighting businesses in Brevard County.

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Destination Brevard

59 minutes 57 seconds ago

You've most likely still got a day or two of Thanksgiving leftovers to deal with (or in my case, it's just starting today since we're doing it a day late) but Christmas is less than a month away and Crydermans Barbecue and Crydermans Barbecue Melbourne have their Christmas pre-order list ready to go. Get your orders in before it's too late!

Destination Brevard

1 hour 4 minutes ago

Going on this evening at Orlando Speedworld Oval Track in Bithlo! And yeah those school bus "figure 8" races are freaking nuts (especially if you're sitting in the back of one taking pictures during the race like I did years ago. 🙂

Destination Brevard

2 hours 36 seconds ago

List #2 of live music options for you today. Scroll down to see the other one and click on the tags in both for times and more info. If we missed anyone between the two, please mention it in comments. BTW, there are many times Facebook won't pull up the correct "tag" and that's why some are missing. 🙁 Jakes Crab Shack in Melbourne Beach has @Dueling Pianos. @Spy vs Spy is playing at Orleans Bistro and Bar in Titusville. @Interchangeable is playing at Capt Hirams SandBar Beach Club in Sebastian. @JJ Smith is playing at Nolan's Irish Pub in Cocoa Beach. Cherry Down is playing at Hunkerdown Hideaway in Cocoa Beach. Damion Suomi is playing at the George & Dragon English Tavern in Cocoa Village. @Blind Ambition is playing at Lulu’s in Cocoa Beach. Drew Halverson is playing at Pub Americana Melbourne in Downtown Melbourne. @Tony Wynn is playing at The Blind Lion Jazz in Cocoa Village. @SEED is playing at Earl's Hideaway Lounge in Sebastian. There's Karaoke 8:30 Friday nights at Rooney's Cafe & Bar in Palm Bay. The Occasional Astronauts are playing at Copper Chimney in Palm Bay. @Anchors Up is playing at the Iron Oak Post in Downtown Melbourne. Withering Earth, @Rivers and Impulses are playing at The Crying Monk in Cocoa Village. Chase Harvey Musician is playing at Blue Lagoon Kava Bar in Merritt Island. Black Moon Syndicate is playing at Crickets Spirits Sports & Food in Melbourne.

Destination Brevard

2 hours 17 minutes ago

Here's the first of two posts with live music options for you today. Click on the tags for times and more info and watch for the second post coming up! This list starts earlier in the day and the second one will finish things off. Jennastock 2020 at Jenna's Breezeway in Cocoa Beach. This event is going on all weekend long and today they have the Saltwater Hippy Band and @HeatStroke playing. @Jerry & Company are playing at the George & Dragon English Tavern in Cocoa Village. Mojo Mike and the Golden Ukes are playing at Surfside Grill And Adventures at Sebastian Inlet State Park. Krazy Ivan is playing at Pier 220 in Titusville. The Highway Oneband is playing at Sunset Cafe Bar N Grill in Cocoa Beach. Joshua Keels Music is playing at River Rocks. Irina Freckle Music is playing at Fresh Scratch Bistro and Lounge in Indian Harbour Beach. @Sax on the Beach is playing at the Majors Golf Course & Restaurant in Palm Bay during their Dance, Food & Music Party With Sax On The Beach. @The Dreamers are playing at @411 in Downtown Melbourne. Jeff Marquis Music is playing at Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar at Port Canaveral. Rueben Anderson is playing at Gator's Dockside Port Canaveral. @Miles Solo is playing at Hawksbill Bar and Grill in Merritt Island. KINGS COUNTY is playing at Squid Lips in Melbourne. @The Tree Frogs are playing at The Shack Riverfront Restaurant and Tiki Bar in Palm Bay. Vinnie

Destination Brevard

2 hours 34 minutes ago

Some options fi you're looking to get out of the house today. Reposting from last night in case you missed it.

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