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Launched in May of 2009, Destination Brevard was created to promote things to do along Florida’s Space Coast from one end to the other as well as give locally owned businesses a place to be spotlighted without the fear of paying what is typically out of reach for most of them.

On these pages you will find more local events than you ever thought could possibly take place but then you realize that considering Brevard County stretches more than 70 miles from north to south and of course there must be plenty to do. You just needed a place to find the information.

We do our best through our event calendar, social media and email blasts to let you know what is going on in time for you plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on all that there is to do. We LOVE locally owned businesses! That’s our focus when it comes to spotlighting businesses in Brevard County.

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Destination Brevard

5 minutes 10 seconds ago

Double D's BBQ (now located on Barton Blvd. in Rockledge) is open!!!

We’ll be stopping by hopefully this week to try some of the new items on their menu.

Destination Brevard

54 minutes 20 seconds ago

Is it just me or do you also see spanakopita and feel the urge to flick one like those paper footballs you made in elementary school?


Anyway, this batch was made last night by one of the junior chefs at Cafe Mi Casa. Actually seeing as how both of the younger chefs in this house aren’t really so “Junior” anymore and since they can pretty much whip up whatever their minds come up with, they’re getting promoted to assistant chef as of right now. That is in name only though, no pay increases will accompany the promotion since they still count on my to do their dishes when they’re done! 😂

Destination Brevard

1 hour 13 minutes ago

Come on people, you’ve most likely already got enough toilet paper and disinfecting wipes to last you through 2030 so let’s keep the hoarding to a minimum this fall.


Destination Brevard

1 hour 35 minutes ago

Okay, who had “Italian style meats” for the last week of October? Better claim your prize and hope it’s not a charcuterie platter!


Destination Brevard

2 hours 37 minutes ago

It’s one of “those” days but thanks to Eau Gallie Electric, Inc and Sun Plumbing, the only stress is paying for everything! 😂

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